Top 6 Best Shapewear For Lower Belly Pooch – Hide Belly Fat

Best Shapewear For Lower Belly Pooch

Lower belly pooch is common in 80% of women after giving birth to a child. Sometimes it also occurs in girls before marriage due to excessive fat in the stomach. But most of the time, you will not notice any lower belly pooch or extra fat in your friends’ and co-workers’ lower bodies. You must be thinking about how she maintains her body although she is married and has two kids?

The answer is simple: most girls whose figure is so flattering after having kids must be using best shapewear for lower belly pooch.

You can ask any of your surrounding women what the secret of her attractive body shape is? We can bet on this; 90% answer will be; that we maintain our lower belly fat by wearing shape wears.

In the modern age, every woman must have two to three body shapers in her wardrobe. If you are also affected due to lower body fat or an unshaped body. You should have to buy the best shapewear for lower belly pooch. Don’t worry about how you can get the best shapewear for lower belly fat? We will help you in this regard.

After deep research in the market and with the help of buyers’ reviews, we develop the list of the top 10 best shapewears for lower belly pooch. You can check this list to find out which will meet your needs. This list is based on research, and every point is accurate. You can trust this below list, and if still, you are not satisfied. Then, you can read buying guide and FAQs to help you decide the best for you.

 List of Best Shapewear For Lower Belly Pooch

SHAPERX Shapewear for Women

SHAPERX best Shapewear for Women lower belly pooch

I recommend this open bust body suit if you are concerned about your mid section and need a targeted tummy control. Because it gives double compression to your tummy with hooks and a zipper. Its adjustable straps will give you the liberty to wear your favourite bra to uplift your breast. You can also remove staps and attach them to your bra.

One great and my favourite feature of this product is you can go to the bathroom without removing your shapewear. I found it helpful when I was going to the restroom and changing my pad. I was surprised by the feature that I can easily detach the bottom part and don’t need to undress every time.

I know you must be wondering how it is possible? This beautiful shapewear has three adjustable hooks near the groin area that you can open to use the bathroom. Beautiful sexy lace in the lower part will give this shapewear a beautiful ending.

It is made of high elastic fabric that gives you complete comfort. It will look new for years due to its scratch-resistant fabric. It is perfect if you want to smooth your stomach and back for any occasion. It is a must for every woman who wants to hide their lower belly pooch.

Why We Love It

  • Perfect for after lipo
  • Breathable and Elastic Fabric material
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Double closure will give Comfortable Fit for any size
  • Control tummy bludge after pregnancy

Opposing Arguments

  • Don’t use a machine for washing
  • It is only hand washable

LODAY Waist Trainer [Workout Body Shaper]

LODAY best Workout Body Shaper for women

It is our top choice for weight loss shapewear. A built-in fat burner will help you look classy and thinner in your normal dress. Its long torso design will help you hide your lower belly pooch and allow you to wear stylish jeans easily.

I was always searching for shapewear that I could use for my workout. Because during the workout, we have to move fast to perform different exercises. For this purpose, today’s shapewear helped me a lot. Its lightweight elastic fabric keeps your tummy in shape and allows fast movement to facilitate your workout.

This shapewear will go one step further in choosing your level of compression according to your own needs. Three levels of hooks in this waist trainer will let you choose your own compression point. An extra zipper on the front will keep you slimmer and in style.

Why We Love It

  • Great quality fabric in the low cast
  • Invisible under clothes.
  • Effective Comfortable Tummy Control
  • Wearable during exercise(mainly) or normal routine
  • Order a smaller size for everyday wear
  • Contains sexy lace and adjustable straps

Opposing Arguments

  • Don’t dry clean it
  • Avoide bleaching or ironing.

The great thing about this LOODY shapewear is that it is comfortable to wear all day due to its breathable high-quality fabric. It will correct your posture and offer strong back support to relieve back pain. You can use it to observe instant weight loss and hide your tummy bludge.

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear

Your boyfriend wants you to show off your curves and demands a sexier, more attractive look on your butt? I know the answer will be a big yes. But you were always wondering how to do this? And make your boyfriend happy. I will tell you about the best shapewear for lower belly pooch that also gives a beautiful shape to your butt.

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear is the solution that has a full but shaped stitching panty that will tighten your bottom and help in lifting. If your boyfriend or husband is not much demanding, I am sure when you wear it the first time, he will notice your butt. His question is whether you are going to the gym and working out? You can answer yes 😉

This shapewear will give you tummy control and keep your stomach in place due to its dual waist control slimmer. This Nobility shapewear will provide full shape and high compression to your midsection through its stretchy fabric.

If you are concerned about your body shape and thinking it may fit your shape or not? Don’t worry, it fits very well in all shapes. We tested this on all shapes and got amazing results; all long torso/short torsos fit perfectly.

Why We Love It

  • Flatten belly & reduce waistline & shrink fat
  • Gives you an hourglass figure.
  • Breathable holes let your skin breathe fresh air freely,
  • Butt boost shorts & tummy control waist trainer together
  • Suitable for any occasion

Opposing Arguments

  • Does not go high enough to your bra.

Everyone needs quality material in shapewear because the body needs comfort and relaxation when it touches your body. This shapewear comes with tinny pores that will give you a breathable feeling.

Irisnaya full body shapewear

Irisnaya full body best shapewear for lower belly

Some people (i also have two friends) like body shapers that completely cover their bodies. They strongly believe that full coverage shapewear will enhance their body shape and cover extra fat on the tummy. Irisnaya full-body shapewear full fills their needs and hides their lower belly pooch. Double-layer fabric panties will lift your buttock and prevent it from sagging.

If your stomach is out of control and you are observing extra fat in the lower part of your belly, then it’s an alarming situation. The first solution is to do a workout and burn your fat in the gym. But, most girls hate going to the gym; nevertheless, they do not like lower belly fat. Then you must have to buy this shapewear to solve all your problems. It will hide your extra fat in the lower belly area to give you a smart and attractive look.

Krasnaya Tummy Control Waist Trainer Vest shapewear is made with nylon and spandex, a skin-friendly fabric. Adjustable crotch space will add easiness during washroom time. This shapewear has extra wide straps to hold well your shoulders and gives your chest and neck a beautiful look. You can wear this with any shirt, skirt and jeans, as it matches well with any suit.

Why We Love It

  • Sleeveless Scoop Neck & Skin-Friendly
  • Butt Lifter & Adjustable Crotch Space Design
  • Material is great and super comfy
  • Wear it under a dress or as a bodysuit with jeans, short or skirt
  • Affordable and well made

Opposing Arguments

  • This is not for women with big boobs. It flattens them out like a pancake 
  • It feels and looks like a swimsuit.

One best thing is that it does not have a chest pad, so you can wear your desired bra. You can wear it all day in the heat; it will keep you cool.

SPANX Tummy Control Shapewear for Women

SPANX Tummy Control Shapewear for Women

Spanx shapewear for women is mainly designed for targeted tummy control. If you are searching for the best shapewear for lower belly pooch, then Spanx offers a great product to meet your needs. Its lightweight and comfy fabric will enhance your experience for your desired shapewear.

People searching for an all-in-one solution to hide their lower belly pooch and extra fat on thighs and hips can use this product. It has all the features to give you a stomach and a slimmer look to enhance your figure in any dress. So why not have extra shapewear for your beautiful look. When

I recommend this amazing product because it will offer you a beautiful hourglass figure by compressing your sides and flatting your tummy in a breathable design. You can choose any colour matching your jeans or shirts. As of now, we observed that black and skin colour is a top choice by every woman. You can wear this shapewear all day and on any occasion.

Why We Love It

  • Virtually invisible underneath
  • It’s crotchless, which makes using the restroom easy!
  • Feels comfortable against the skin
  • Suck all your flabby bits in to look firm
  • Fabric is pleasantly thin but still high quality

Opposing Arguments

  • The front side may roll down when you bend or move
  • Top rolls down

Our research team tested this shapewear, and we got surprising results for hiding muffin top and extra fat on the lower belly. So, this shapewear will support your stomach and also hide all the bulges on your back and sides.

MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

Most of the time, people complain that the rolling down of the tummy control body shapers. It happens due to the bad product of the seller. Every buyer’s main purpose is to wear shapewear panties or shorts to hide extra fat on the lower belly of the hiding muffin top. But, when it does remain in its place, then it can be effective?

Movwin tummy control shapewear is the best product in this regard. Due to its silicon stripes, It will remain in its place no matter whether you bend or move. It will provide a beautiful shape to your tummy and encircle your back legs to give your booty a shaping effect. Its beautiful design will support your back and hide bulges on your body.

Due to its empty spaces in the waistband, hem your legs, and it will hide your muffin top. 70 % nylon fabric will add extra comfort and a nice touch to your body.

Why We Love It

  • Tummy smoothing panels.
  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Adorable and really holds you in!
  • The stretch comfort and thickness are perfect
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day

Opposing Arguments

  • Check your size before buying
  • It May be difficult to put on

Buying Guide to Choosing best shapewear for lower belly pooch

Did you ever feel difficulty in making a decision? If yes, then I will suggest you listen to your heart. What your inner sense is saying, stick to it and make a decision.

The same is for sticking to your instinct when buying the best shapewear for lower belly pooch. Here I am giving you a checklist of what to care about before buying. Consider these points and then pick one that you think is the best option.

Look at its construction size

Choose the best and correct size according to your body. Don’t choose too tight shapewear, with a mindset that it will give us an extra slimming shape. Rather it will increase your problems as you will feel difficulty in moving, walking and breathing. Also, it will cause extra bludges.

Also, if you size up, it will cancel the purpose of wearing shapewear. But larger size will not offer any compression to your lower belly pooch. So briefly take a look at the sizing chart and choose an accurate size to enjoy the benefits of wearing shapewear.

Type of shapewear

Shapewear is in a variety of shapes and purposes. You can choose the right type of shapewear depending on your needs. Different types of shapewear offer support and shape to different body parts body. If you need all one solution, then go for a bodyshaper.

Does it remain cool?

It is important to choose the right fabric. Choose the fabric that remains cool and breathable in any condition. Because the fabric used in shapewear is favourable for winters. So, check the fabric type that should remain cool in hot summer. Also, choose lightweight material to increase your comfort level.

Is your skin sensitive?

You must check the material before buying if your body is skin sensitive. Get your skin-friendly body shaper to increase your comfort. Because if your skin is allergic, you can’t wear shapewear for more than four hours. So go for the high-quality fabric to avoid any skin allergy problems.

What’s the occasion?

Before choosing shapewear, you have to be clear in your mind what is the purpose of buying. Because if you are choosing for daily use, do not choose shapewear that offers too much compression. But you can choose high-level compression of special occasion (for four to five-hour party or wedding function.

Types of Shapewear, Their uses and control

As the popularity of shapewear increases in the market, manufacturers also increase the production of different types of shapewear. There are different types of shapewear that women use on different occasions. I will give you the list of many types of shapewear with their uses.

  • Controlling camisoles: his type of shapewear is perfect for shaping your tummy and extra fat on the stomach.

  • Shaping tighs shorts: This shapewear will shape your thighs and support your lower belly pooch.

  • Corsets: Corsets will give perfect shape to your waist by controlling your tummy fat. It is old-fashioned but effective as it was before.

  • Body shapers: It will provide you with all one solution for complete coverage of your body.

  • Half slip: This type is almost similar to a body suit. It is perfect for controlling size thighs shape. You can wear it for a date or during any outing with any dress or skirt.

  • Control pants: Control pants will give a slimmer shape to your back and tummy. It is perfect for peer shape women.

  • Arm shaper: As the name suggests, this shapewear will give your arms a perfect shape. It is useful for women with high-fat arms. Don’t wear this with a sort sleeves dress that reveals your shapewear.

  • Seamless shapewear: If you want to avoid an annoying panty outline, use seamless shapewear. It is best for curvy figure women.

  • Tummy tucker: Tummy tucker shapewear is one best solution for extra fat on your tummy. It will hide tummy fat and give you a slimmer and more attractive look.

  • Body brief: This shapewear resembles the panties that most women use in their daily routine. It will give support to your lower abdomen and lift your butt.

Advantages of Wearing Shapewear

Oh no…. wait a minute. We discussed each and everything about best shapewear for lower belly pooch. But do you know the benefits of shapewear? I think you are unaware of what shapewear offers you to improve your outlook.

These are the few main points of advantages of wearing shapewear.

Instant Shaping and Slimming

Everyone of us wants to look slimmer without having extra fat on our body. And I am telling you that most women get hourglass figures by using shapewear according to the need of their bodies.

Shapewear gives you an attractive look, and you will get instant shaping and slim posture. Suppose you are going to a party, where everyone will judge you by your outlook. You want to be the attractive woman in the gathering.

But if you are a heavy person, or you have got extra fat on your belly in the recent past, or maybe you are going there right after your pregnancy, exercise or diet plan will not help you instantly. You will get your desired attractive figure by wearing the best shapewear for your body type.


Now a day, every woman uses shapewear due to its lower price. Almost all types of shapewear are in the affordable price range. I think the cost of shapewear is just nothing in contrast to the benefits you are getting from using it. It will not only help you in shaping your body but also help you in weight loss.

Not Visible Under Clothing

Most of the shapewear is not visible under clothing. So the people who are jealous of you will never know the reason for your smart look. Meanwhile, due to women’s nature, they even cannot ask you how you are managing this? So buy your best shapewear for your body need, and keep your haters away from you.

Hips, Butt, and Back Shaping Benefits

The main benefit of using shapewear is it will improve your outlook. The best shapewear will Compress your back shape, lift your butt and shape your hips. If you want to look beautiful and attractive in your body shape, then go ahead and start using shapewear.

Boost your confidence

Lastly, the benefit of wearing shapewear is that it will boost your confidence. You will feel comfortable and focus on other things during your outing. Because it will give you extra confidence in your work when you know that your outfit is complete and your body is in an awesome look.

Final Say

So, that’s all for best shapewear for lower belly pooch. All of these top shapewear in the list will help you hide your lower belly pooch and give you your hourglass shape.

I suggest you buy spandex shapewear for the lower belly pooch. I will enhance your posture more than any shapewear at a reasonable price. Just be careful about the size according to your body.

Do not think too deeply; decide and get your best shapewear for lower belly pooch.

FAQ About Best Shapewear For Lower Belly Pooch

All the shapewear mentioned in the list is the best for tummy control. But if you ask me for only one suggestion from my side, I will go for spandex shapewear.

Shapewear that will hide extra from your stomach is the best shapewear for the stomach. I will recommend you and shapewear from this list.

There are many ways to hide a lower belly pooch. But, the instant and quickest way is to hide the lower belly pooch by wearing shapewear. For the long term, use a proper diet plan and start targeted exercises for the belly. But never go for surgery as it has too many consequences.

Yes, of course. Shapewear will compress extra fat on your belly and reduce your tummy size. To reduce your tummy, I will suggest you wear tummy control shapewear.

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