Reviews of Top 5 Best Gay Underwear of 2023

Best Gay Underwear

Underwear is essential to everyone’s wardrobe, and finding the right style and fit for you can be challenging. For gay men, this challenge can be even more difficult. From classic boxer shorts to stylish briefs, there are countless options for you to choose from that will fit well and look good. Whether you’re seeking something sexy or practical, there’s something out there to suit your preferences.

Finding quality, fashionable and comfortable gay underwear isn’t always easy with so many options available on the market. . Not only does having the right fit and fabric matter for comfort but fashion and style are important factors. When choosing the best gay underwear, there are many factors to consider. Comfort, style and fit are all essential considerations when selecting the perfect pair of underwear.

Whether it’s boxer briefs or jockstraps, thongs or bikini shorts, there are several options available in various fabrics, styles and colours that can make any man feel confident and sexy. Don’t be afraid to try something new – you may find your new favourite pair! Choose the underwear that makes you happy; after all, feeling good in your skin matters most.

Top 2 Picks for Best Gay Underwear

Finding the perfect pair of underwear can be challenging for any man, but it is especially difficult for gay men. Some countless styles and brands cater to different preferences and body types. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the top two picks for the best gay underwear that offers comfort, style, and quality. Our first pick for Best Gay Underwear is the Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief. Our Second pick is the Hanes Total Support Moisture-Wicking Underwear.

editors choice
  • Pull On Closure
  • Extra-Soft Cotton Stretch
  • Full Rise
  • Machine Wash
  • A Little Too Tight
best buy
  • Wicks Moisture
  • XTemp Cooling
  • Odour control
  • No Ride Up
  • The Mesh Net is Scratchy After Washing

List of Top 5 Best Gay Underwear

Finding the right underwear for gay men can be challenging; however, it can be easy with the proper knowledge and research. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best gay underwear you should consider to meet your needs. With the support and comfort of these products, you will feel confident and comfortable in any outfit.

Product Name Reason to Buy Rating Price
Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief Editors Choice    9.7 Check Price
Hanes Total Support Moisture-Wicking Underwear Budget Choice   9.5 Check Price
BAMBOO COOL Men’s Underwear Top Pick  9.3  Check Price
Wirarpa Men’s Cotton Stretch Underwear Best Overall   9.0 Check Price
NUDUS Men’s Bamboo 2 Pouches Underwear Also Good   8.8 Check Price

Reviews of Best Gay Underwear

Reading reviews from experts and customers can help narrow down the selection and better understand what makes certain brands better than others for specific needs. Reading reviews helps us learn about different features, styles, and materials to select the market’s most comfortable and stylish underwear.

editors choice

Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief

Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief

Good Things

  • Comfortable and Soft
  • They Have Great Stretch
  • Don’t Bunch Up
  • Doesn’t Ride Up Your Leg

Bad Things

  • A Little Too Tight

The Calvin Klein brand is a classic in the fashion world, offering timeless style and quality. Their men’s cotton stretch boxer briefs are no exception. These form-fitting briefs provide the comfort of traditional boxer briefs with an added dose of style. 

Crafted from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, this boxer brief will keep you comfortable all day long. The imported material provides lightweight comfort that won’t weigh you down, and the pull-on closure ensures a secure fit every time. Its machine-washable construction allows easy care and cleaning – toss it in the washer and dryer on cold settings for best results. For maximum life out of your garment, we recommend hanging and drying it after washing.

The durable material ensures that these boxer briefs will last wear after wear. The material also helps keep you cool throughout the day with its lightweight construction, allowing you to move freely without worrying about sweat or irritation. The elastic waistband offers an extra support layer, so your underwear stays in place all day long. The full-rise band sits at the average level, above the hip, while the leg line sits low on the thigh, ensuring you can move freely without discomfort.

This Best Gay Underwear also features a logo-banded waist that adds to the classic look of this piece. The premium quality fabric, flatlock seaming, and four-way stretch make them perfect for active lifestyles and all-day wear. These boxers will become your favourite go-to underwear with their high-quality construction, design, and fit. This boxer brief comes in an array of classic colours so that you can choose the perfect pair for any occasion or wardrobe.

budget pick

Hanes Total Support Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Good Things

  • A Step Forward in Underwear Technology
  • The Materials are Soft
  • Smooth, and Nice for Walking Long Distances
  • Stretches With all Directions of Motion Without Excess Pressure

Bad Things

  • The Mesh Net is Scratchy After Washing

This advanced underwear provides superior moisture-wicking capabilities, enhancing comfort and mobility with total targeted support. This high-quality underwear is made with a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, providing superior softness and flexibility while allowing maximum breathability. With a pull-on closure, these undies are easy to wear and provide total support throughout the day.

The moisture-wicking fabric quickly pulls away sweat from your body so you can stay dry in even the most intense situations. They’re machine washable, so you don’t have to stress about washing them by hand! Featuring breathable fabric and a moisture-wicking pouch, these undies help keep you cool and dry all day long. The sexy men’s underwear pack has three pairs of Total Support Pouch moisture-wicking briefs.

This Best Gay Underwear has been designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day. This revolutionary underwear is made with a breathable mesh liner that helps prevent chafing, allowing your skin to remain dry and comfortable even during the most intense workouts. The moisture-wicking fabric draws sweat away from the body, so you stay dry and focused on the task at hand.

The X-Temp Technology also works with this material so that when temperatures rise, the fabric adjusts accordingly, becoming more relaxed and breathable for extra air circulation. The underwear features advanced odour protection technology that neutralizes odours, while the moisture-wicking performance fabric keeps you comfortable and dry.

These premium undergarments are designed to keep you feeling secure during activities such as running, biking, weightlifting or other rigorous workouts. Its full-coverage waistband and slimming design provide an optimal fit that supports you without bunching or pinching. Available in classic colours like white, grey and navy blue, this Underwear can be matched to any existing wardrobe easily.

top pick

BAMBOO COOL Men’s Underwear

BAMBOO COOL Men’s Underwear

Good Things

  • They hold up well after many washings
  • Phenomenal Quality
  • Stays Soft and Comfortable
  • Seem Sturdy Enough

Bad Things

  • Shorter Inseam than Most Boxer Briefs

BAMBOO COOL Men’s Underwear is the perfect combination of both features, offering the ultimate combination of long-lasting comfort and a trendy look. This innovative line of men’s underwear is crafted from premium materials for superior breathability and a luxury feel. It also offers a luxurious design with over 20 vibrant colours. This innovative design also gives wearers a fuller vision while allowing more male charm to come through in their fashion choices.

It is made with luxurious 92 bamboo viscose and eight spandex fabric blend for superior comfort and breathability. Feel light and soft against your skin with this unique material that keeps you cool on hot days. The stretchy spandex adds a layer of flexibility to move freely without restrictions. With its easy machine washable feature, you don’t have to worry about being too careful with the fabric – throw it in the washer every once in a while!

The bamboo viscose used in this Best Gay Underwear offers breathability while also regulating your body temperature, so you don’t overheat during those hot summer days or nights when wearing layers isn’t ideal. Its stretchability ensures a snug fit without feeling too tight or constricting around your waist and legs. The innovative design of this Underwear ensures a snug but comfortable fit on your waist, providing exceptional breathability and optimal ventilation due to its moisture-wicking properties.

The unique design features seamless buttocks and a non-sensing label printed outside, eliminating any irritation or discomfort often associated with traditional brands. Combining bamboo fabric and cutting-edge technology has produced a soft product against the skin while providing maximum breathability and anti-odour properties. With its open crotch design, it provides an unprecedented level of comfort and breathability that allows the wearer to feel unrestricted in their movements.

best overall

wirarpa Men’s Cotton Stretch Underwear

wirarpa Men's Cotton Stretch Underwear

Good Things

  • The Band is Vast
  • Lovely Stretchy Smooth Fabric
  • The Leg Holes Need to Be More Snug
  • Soft Cotton and Fit Well

Bad Things

  • Shrinks After Laundry

This underwear is designed with a unique blend of cotton, spandex and modal that provide superior stretch and comfort. Its lightweight fabric keeps you cool while providing an optimal amount of coverage. No more tight waistbands or ill-fitting briefs because this product was made to move with you throughout your day. Wirarpa’s 95 Combed Cotton, 5 Spandex-Multipack briefs for men are the perfect combination of comfort and style.

These briefs are made from a soft combed cotton material with a smidgeon of spandex to add a touch of flexibility. The multipack offers an assortment of colours, making them ideal for everyday wear. They look good, and their breathability makes them comfortable to wear all day long. These machine-washable briefs can be washed in temperatures up to 30°C and tumble dried on a low heat setting.

Customers have found these briefs durable and affordable; many have reported that they remain in excellent condition after multiple washes and wears. Customers have praised Wirarpa’s underwear for being soft against the skin and providing ample coverage. This Best Gay Underwear offers superior comfort and support. The innovative design features a stretchy, wide elastic waistband that is durable and offers extra support.

The unique reflective metallic appearance of the waistband gives the underwear an extra touch of style and sophistication. It moves with your body, allowing you to move freely without discomfort or irritation. The lightweight material helps minimize chafing and reduce sweat accumulation throughout the day. It can easily be washed in a washer and retain its shape and colour even after washing it multiple times.

The underwear features a COMFORT FIT that offers full seat coverage and pinch-free leg openings that allow maximum movement freedom. It also has side pockets for added convenience, allowing you to store small items like keys or money securely and discreetly. With its supportive contour pouch, flatlock seaming, and two layers in the front for added support, these briefs offer maximum comfort for any activity.

also good

NUDUS Men’s Bamboo 2 Pouches Underwear

NUDUS Men's Bamboo 2 Pouches Underwear

Good Things

  • They are Lightweight
  • Holds Everything in Place
  • Nice Wide Waistband
  • Made From a Soft Bamboo Material

Bad Things

  • The Seam is in the Wrong Place

Designed with comfort and style, these underwear offer a unique two-pouch design that supports men of all shapes and sizes. Not only do they look great, but their lightweight and breathable fabric construction ensures optimal comfort no matter the activity. It is made from 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex, designed in Europe with luxury quality.

The breathable, lightweight material is moisture-wicking and odour-resistant, making it an ideal choice for active lifestyles. The natural fibres are incredibly soft on the skin while providing a supportive fit that won’t pinch or bind. For optimal care of this luxurious underwear, we recommend hand washing only to keep them in perfect condition for years to come.

The two pouches in our underwear provide ample room to fit your package securely while giving extra support throughout the day. For those who prefer more coverage, plenty of different lengths are available to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for any occasion or style preference. This underwear is highly breathable due to its bamboo construction, which means no more sweaty crotch area after a long day!

The bamboo material used to make these briefs is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, making it a top choice for sensitive skin. They provide UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) and 50+ sun protection to stay safe outdoors. It also helps keep everything in its place, no matter how active you may be. The smooth waistband ensures comfort throughout the day, while reinforced stitching adds durability for long-lasting wear.

It comes in various colours and styles, making you stand out. The fabric has a silky feel and is incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for all-day wear without feeling weighed down. The briefs have been expertly crafted and stitched together using premium quality fabrics to ensure your comfort all day long.

Buying Guide for Best Gay Underwear

When shopping for gay underwear, there are several important factors, including fit, fabric material, style and level of support. You want something that will move with you during your day-to-day activities without causing discomfort or riding up. It should also provide plenty of coverage in all the right places while offering a flattering shape. Look for materials like spandex or modal, which provide flexibility and breathability, so you stay calm throughout the day.


When shopping for the best gay underwear, you must consider what material suits you best. Different materials provide unique benefits and disadvantages that should be considered when purchasing. Choosing a comfortable and stylish fabric that offers you the functionality and performance you need is essential.

Consider the Size

When it comes to size, one of the most important considerations is ensuring that you choose a pair of underwear that fits properly. The wrong size will not only look uncomfortable; it can also cause chafing and other issues. To avoid this, make sure that you measure yourself accurately before making any purchases. Additionally, different brands may have slight variations in sizing, so keep an eye out for any discrepancies before purchasing a particular item.

Underwear Colour

If you’re looking for extra pizzazz in your underwear wardrobe, check out some bolder colours, such as rainbow print or tie-dye designs. These styles will make an impression and add a bit of fun to your look! For those who prefer a more subdued look, opt for plain-coloured briefs with sporty stripes or stylish polka dots – perfect for everyday wear.

Waistband and leg band stretch

Look for a waistband that fits snugly but comfortably against your body. It should also provide enough elasticity to move freely without feeling constricted or uncomfortable. Please ensure the leg bands are designed with extra material, allowing them to stretch when necessary. This will ensure they stay in place while providing maximum comfort throughout wear.


Quality of construction is one of the most important things you should look for when shopping. The structure of your underwear should provide support and comfort while ensuring that they remain in place throughout the day. It’s essential to make sure that your underwear has good seams, sturdy elastic bands and comfortable fabric that won’t cause chafing or discomfort.

Types Of Best Gay Underwear


One popular style among gay men briefs. They offer a secure yet comfortable fit and come in various colours, fabrics, and types. Briefs provide moderate coverage that hugs the contours of your body while still allowing for freedom of movement. If you’re looking for more support or compression than regular briefs can provide.

Boxer Shorts

One popular style among the gay community is boxer shorts. Boxer shorts are loose-fitting undergarments with an elasticated waistband and length extending to the mid-thigh or just above the knee. Some may come with a pouch in front for support, while others may come with extra pockets or fabric detailing. This type of underwear allows for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, making it great for active sports such as basketball or running marathons. They also look great when paired with jeans or other casual outfits!


Trunk-style underwear is designed with a shorter leg and tighter fit than other men’s underwear. They also come in different fabrics and designs, making them an ideal choice for any man who wants to feel comfortable and stylish.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs offer a comfortable fit that hugs close to the body without being too tight or restrictive. They come in an array of styles, designs and materials so you can find something that fits your tastes. Boxer briefs provide support and coverage with extended leg coverage and waistband. They come in various materials such as cotton, spandex and even silk for those special occasions.

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The conclusion of this article on the best gay underwear is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the perfect pair. Everyone’s style, comfort level, and body type are different, so you should take your time and experiment until you find what works best for you. After plenty of research and taking reviews from real users, we concluded that you should try the Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief for better results.

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